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About AVG Antivirus Checker

Suspicious Domain Checker - AVG Antivirus & Malware checker tool is one of the perfect and free perfect products introduced and it can be used without restrictions in the non-commercial environment to scan a website.

Over the years AVG has come to be known as one of the leading antivirus solution providers. AVG offers people free trial to try their product, and they keep updating their product regularly. But the free trial is only offered to personal users and not to internet web hosting service providers. The reason for this is that web hosting service providers need a very sophisticated antivirus which is constantly updated to protect the servers.

You can easily check the antivirus that you have installed by looking at the icons in the startup bar. But if you have a website hosted by a web hosting service provider, you should check the protections that are installed on the servers to protect your and other clients' websites.

Use online "AVG Antivirus Checker", because it's speedy, free, faultless, and do not require any downloading. The distinctive attributes about this tool are that instead of checking each website one by one, you can perform a virus scan of up to 20 websites at a time. AVG antivirus checker tool does not need any online registration. It’s quite simple to use. As a webmaster or SEO, all you need to do is to enter the URL of the site and click "Submit".

AVG Platforms: AVG provides free antivirus for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. AVG continues to remain a front-runner among antivirus solutions.

Features: AVG has common security features like periodic scans, cleaning and repairing infected files, and placing some infected files in ‘quarantine’ area.

If you are using WordPress websites, templates or plugins, we have prepared a couple of useful tips to protect you from malware or virus attacks.

1.Whenever an update comes, make sure you don't make any excuse for not updating because most viruses attacked on an outdated version of WordPress or Plugins.

2.For proper security, use some unique usernames and not the default 'admin'.

3.Make sure that you buy themes and plugins from trusted sources only.

4.Take care of backup regularly.

5.You can though minimize the chances of viruses or malware hitting your site. To make it happen, it is necessary to check whether your website is connected to an anti-spyware database or not and if it is connected then get all the specifics of the blocked IP addresses from our AVG Antivirus checker SEO tool.

6. Every webmaster is well familiar with the side effects of viruses and wants the website to get protected. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you cannot completely secure your website from a virus.

7.Most viruses happen on account of an old version of plugins. So every time an update comes, make certain you don't give any reasons for not updating!

8.A number of website owners use the default username set by the admin. For security purpose, use some distinctive usernames and not the default admin.

9.Never use pirated plugins and themes because they include viruses and can spread malware to users. Always make sure that you buy plugins and themes from reliable sources only.