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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker (Google Transparency Report) helps you to protect your website form malware and the virus it also check that Google has listed the website as suspicious or not.

Malware is a computer code that is installed and run on your computer without your approval. For a business, malware inflammation can cause loss of conceptual material, customer data and financial cheating.

If someone online website is infected, it can destroy your online position and drive customers away in the collection. The Google malware scanner provides the security advisory to protect website visitors from dangerous codes.

The only way to get back your online visitors is to decode the malware issue as soon as possible. Enter the complete website address of the site you would like to check for malware and you will be redirected to Google’s safe browsing diagnostic page. You will know that the website is safe once the report says that it is not listed as doubtful. As you read through, a report is given from the last 90 days since Google has visited the site.