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How Does Link Price Calculator Tool Works?

Link price calculator tools will help you to regulate the approximate price you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link (ad) on the specified URL or website.

This tool takes into analysis elements such as number of Backlinks, Alexa traffic rank, age of the website, etc.

URL or links are essential in the success of a business as it is one of the simple way to earn money. Most of the advertisers share their links on the website and pay some amount to the website owner on every click for the specific link. So, how much a user should charge from the advertiser is the main thing a website owner should concentrate on.

This tool provides the link price, after properly viewing the site's ranking, age, and reputation. The unique feature that we have added to this free SEO tool is that you can check the link price of up to 100 URLs at the same time.