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How Does Page Speed Checker Tool Works? provides you fast and free online page speed checker tool to analyze your website’s speed and make it faster. This tool plays an essential role in making the website user friendly.

Page speed checker can calculate the accurate time taken to load all the plots of the webpage and will also show the separate time taken by a page to load. This tool will give you a detailed idea that how much time is taken by a website to load. If you are not delighted or satisfied with the time taken, then you can make changes in the webpage to improve the performance by editing or minimizing the code or using SEO techniques. Every internet user wants the webpage to load fast, otherwise he will prefer to use another website.

If you have checked your webpage loading speed and you have observed that it is taking much time to load, then use below mentioned tips which you should start following right now:

1. Minimize sever response time.

2. Decrease HTTP requests.

3. Compress your images and icons.

4. Authorize browser caching.

5. Reduce the no of plugins that you use on your website.

6. Optimize CSS.