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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

An IP address is the internet address of any device that’s connected to the internet. Every domain name or website has an IP address, and it’s the IP address by which search engines locate websites. The IP address is a numerical address and consists of four sets of numbers and each set can range from 0 to 255 and the sets are separated by a (.). For example, is a valid IP address.

If you own a website and you have purchased a dynamic (Shared IP address) for your website from your internet hosting service provider company, your domain or website's name will be listed with the IP address on the internet. It means that now your website is visible to others on the internet.

Reverse IP domain checker tool is an important SEO tool which makes sure only the secure websites or links are sharing your website address. A reverse IP domain checker tool takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other websites known to be hosted on that same web server.

How to use it?

Here is Guide to using this tool, everyone can use this tool Free of cost. No need to sign up or registration.

  1. Just Type Domain Name or Paste URL.
  2. Hit Check Button and have a seat.

Our Intelligent Tool will fetch all websites that are hosted on same IP Address and Show results in Table. Here you can see a list of websites that are hosted on your server with shared IP.

This tool shows you a list of websites that are using same IP Address. You can check all these websites whether these are malware infected or not?

Sharing an IP address with a website that contains illegal or immoral content or reported as spam can make a negative impact on your website ranking. To check malware, you can use our Free and Excellent tool Google Malware Checker. This Tool will help you to identify malicious or suspicious websites and notify you.

Reverse IP Lookup tool allows to find other sites running on a web server, an IP address or a domain name can be input for which the tool queries to search engines and finds out other sites hosted on that server.

  1. Find all the domains hosted on a given IP address.
  2. Find the domains that come and go on a competitors IP address.
  3. There are many websites which are blocked by the search engines if they are on shared hosting, other websites sharing the IP address are also blocked. Again, if you are on shared hosting with a porn site, your site will be eliminated automatically by search engines. Pick this tool to determine how big your risks are.

A public IP does not surely have to resolve to only one domain name. It is possible to have multiple domain names sharing one public IP address. This is an appropriate best practice for hosting companies and organizations that allow them to lower the cost of placing domains on the internet. The reverse IP to Domain lookup tool can list all domains hosted that resolve to the same server. By entering the DNS name or IP address of the intended domain, the reverse IP to Domain lookup tool will query a search engine server for all domains presently hosted on the same server as the lookup domain. The DNS records of the results and that of the lookup domain are compared to determine whether both domains reside on the same server.