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Link Analyzer Tool allows you to keep track of all the links of your website.

If you want an in-depth link audit, you should analyze the web pages one by one, and not only the Home Page.

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About Website Link Analyzer Tool

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Every website has two types of links which are; internal, external. The internal links are those that link to other pages that have been created within a website. External links are those through which a website links to other websites. The website link analyzer tool or internal, external link checker allows you to resolve the ratio between inner hyperlinks & outgoing links for any website. There are many features, but it's generally wise to avoid a large number of outgoing links compared to inner links.

This internal, external link checker tool can only be used to analyze the links on one URL (web page) at a time. So, if you want an in-depth link audit, you should analyze the web pages one by one, and not only the home page. The Link Analyzer tool includes information about the main text used, NoFollow tags, and it will also be very useful when you are researching different sites when they link to you.

How does this Link Analyzer Tool Work?

This useful tool can identify the links at the same time that spiders are crawling on a given page of your website. All you have to do is to write the URL of your website in the text box and then click on the "Submit" button. Our system will process your request and will display the results in just a few seconds.

This website link checker will show you the following:

  1. The total number of links found on your web page.
  2. The number of Internal links on a web page.
  3. The number of external links on a web page.
  4. The number of no follow and do follow links on a web page.

This link analyzer is an extremely helpful tool that lets you keep follow links that are embedded on your website or blog. This tool helps you analyze internal links as well as external links that are linked to your website.

With the help of this website link checker, you can easily identify the dead links and remove them to improve the page quality. This is beneficial for your website because it can greatly help with search engine optimization. It will give you a better chance of getting a good page ranking for your web pages.

Difference between Inner Links and Outgoing Links?

An inner link is just a link to another page on the same domain. For example, you might have links in your menu to about us page, contact us page, blog post, etc. Each of these links points to the same domain (your website) and is therefore considered an inner link.

Outgoing links are links from your website pointing to another domain. For example, if you linked to a friend's website from your Links page this would be considered an outgoing link - since you are linking from your domain ( to another domain (

How Can Link Analyzer Tool Help in SEO?

The link analyzer helps you determine the ratio between inner links and outgoing links for any domain. Typically, too many outgoing links can be unhealthy for a website's search performance. There are many factors, but it's often wise to refrain from a huge number of outgoing links compared to inner links.

It will greatly help your website if you try to get links that your competing websites don’t have. Also, you must not rely on any link building or SEO software and scripts for your link building success. Your website will improve page rankings if they are clean, fresh, and credible. Stay focused and aim to be ahead of your competing websites.

The impact of Search Engine rankings on your website is very high, and it is measured using a distinct parameter that only the search engine like Google knows. That is why it is always best to have your web pages free from bad links and other errors because it will help you rank higher on the search engine result pages. This free online link checker can help you identify if your web pages contain broken links or also known as bad links.

The tool is especially useful for researching other websites that link to you since it provides information on the anchor text being used as well as NoFollow tags which can impact the strength of a backlink.

To enhance the traffic and ranking of your website, you need to get some search engine optimization (SEO) works done. One of the most functional ways to increase your site traffic is to make sure to provide quality inner links to your website.

Link analyzer SEO tool does not just legalize you to smoothly track your online website links. One of the many things it empowers you to do is to track the inner and outgoing links of your competitors. By examining the approach of your opponent, you can easily decide a more effective and more effective strategy that will beat theirs.

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